We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following Foundation which has helped make the dream possible…

The Stokes & Sarah Brown Charitable Foundation

Willow Oak is grateful to the Stokes & Sarah Brown Charitable Foundation, which has helped to support us since our founding in 2007. We are particularly thankful to Stokes Brown’s daughter, Virginia Sory Brown, a classically trained, accomplished and professional musician who is a staunch supporter of Willow Oak and its mission — to offer the arts to the Robertson County area.

“Willow Oak did not exist when my father passed on (in July 2005),” Ms. Brown says. “But he wanted the foundation to support nonprofits in Robertson County and help as wide a demographic as he could. Willow Oak just exemplifies the thing he was talking about. He would be just thrilled to know a foundation he established was playing a part in helping Willow Oak be everything it could be.”

It is through Ms. Brown’s appreciation of the arts and her belief that the arts must be a part of a healthy community that the Brown Foundation has supported Willow Oak each year. And for that, we are grateful.

The Jacquelyn D. Guthrie Foundation

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