Art: An Exploration

Designed for homeschoolers!

This course will focus mainly on the history of Western Art, that of Europe and America.  We will study the most important movements in Art, as wellas the influences and culture affecting the artists.  Key artists and works of art will be learned, as well as a variety of art techniques corresponding with each movement.  We will explore line gridding, drawing, pastels, oils, watercolors and more.  This class takes a very “hands-on” approach to Art History, and each class is geared towards that particular age group.

Art through the Ages

Students will study cave paintings, mosaics, royal portraits, Impressionism and modern art. We will create our own examples of these as we learn about art history.

Beginning Drawing

This course is designed for the absolute beginning drawing student.  In a safe and relaxed environment, we will have fun together while learning about basic drawing materials, drawing techniques, the drawing process and the principles of drawing.  All this using practical drawing exercises.

Beginning Watercolor

Designed for the beginning student in a safe and fun environment we will:
~ examine the basic materials in watercolor
~ talk about basic color concepts and techniques
~ learn how to choose a subject
~ have hands-on experience with techniques and materials

Drawing the Human Figure

A  6-week introductory course using the basic elements of line, shape, space, light and shadow.  All subjects will be drawn from photographs (no live models).  Open to high school ages and adults.  (Teens under 18 must have parent’s written permission.)  Minimal supplies required.

Easter Mosaic Party

Create your own mosaic design on a religious motif or cross while having fun with friends. A choice of colored tile, glass tesserae, shells and old jewelry pieces are available to use. Students may also bring their own treasures to add to the design.

Introduction to Calligraphy

Do you wish you could write beautifully? Address envelopes with a flourish?  Then you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn calligraphy from a professional.  You will learn the basics of good lettering – pen angle, spacing, rhythm – plus experiment with a variety of pens, inks, and lettering styles.

Introduction to Portraiture

Would you like your drawings to show more clearly the uniqueness of the person you are drawing?  Learn how the relationship of shapes brings life to facial features.  Pencil and pastels will be the media we use as we study shadows and subtle angles to depict individual characteristics.

Painting, Clay Sculpture, Mosaic, Weaving, Pottery, and Papier Mâché

Students will create art pieces with a least 5 different art materials: acrylic painting emphasizing mixing and shading with color;  clay sculpture that will be fired and painted;  a plaque, box, frame or cross decorated with mosaic tiles and shells;  pottery  created from clay; a colorful yarn wall hanging; a papier mâché animal or mask.

Painting for Tiny Artists

A “Mommy and Me” class for young artists, this is an introduction to acrylic painting. We request that a parent attend each class.

Painting Parties

Enjoy a fun evening while creating an acrylic painting you’ll take home at the end of class!  Please register 24 hours prior to each party.
Instruction and all supplies are included;  BYOB

Papier Mâché Russian Easter Eggs

Students will gather for two classes to make large decorative “Petanki” eggs. After making the papier eggs, they will be painted black and decorated with bright colored Russian designs and any personal designs. After a gloss spray, they will be ready to hang for the Easter season.

Photography:  “How do I use my Christmas camera?”

If you got a new camera for Christmas and don’t know how to use it, this class is for you.  We’ll talk about the basics of digital photography, and what to do with the pictures once you’ve taken them.


Contemporary/Free Movement

No dance experience necessary
You don’t have to know technique to dance this style. All you need is to feel the music and move! In this class we will dance our life-stories.

Wear comfortable loose clothing and supportive tie-up shoes.


Aromatherapy Basics

Learn the history and basic principles of aromatherapy in this introductory workshop.  Study the properties of some of the most useful essential oils, then make your own aromatherapy blend bath salts.

Highland Rim Artisans Guild

The Highland Rim Artisans Guild meets the 2nd Saturday of each month, 10:00 am-2:00 pm.  Bring your current project and something to share for pot luck lunch.  Fiber artists of all genres are welcome.  Visit our page on Facebook for information.

Papermaking Workshop

Students will learn the art of making paper from simple vegetables and cotton linters and will be able to take home their own handmade Artisan paper.    Materials will be available for decorating your paper.  Wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet!

Small Batch Coffee Roasting: Creating Your Perfect Buzz

Learn how to roast green coffee beans via methods that won’t break the bank!  Materials include a layman’s guide to coffees of the world, the basic science of coffee roasting, and written instructions for the methods used in class.

Wool Spinning:  Refresher Course

Students will brush up on their spinning and plying techniques in this 4 week course.


A Day For You

Care of Yourself and Your Body
Come learn simple steps to use every day to make you and your family healthier and live a more active lifestyle.

Build a Firewall for Your Body

Did you know 75% of all diseases are caused by lifestyle choices? Come learn simple steps you can take to build the best firewall for your body.

Scripting: The Secret to your Success

This workshop offers an overview of several Universal Laws, such as the Law of Attraction and Law of Deliberate Creation.  We will discuss how to incorporate the tool of Scripting in your daily routine to help you stay focused on your goals and desires.

The Art Of Wellness: “ It’s a Family Affair”
L.E.A.N (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition)

Family workshops provide strategies that help families develop a lifetime of health.  Fun and easy ideas, information, and know-how that make nutrition stress free, enjoyable and affordable. Innovative ideas and activities that keep kids moving. Workshops are designed for parents and caregivers.


This is a vinyasa (flow-style) yoga class designed for beginner to intermediate students.  Each one hour session follows the group fitness format utilizing warm-up, work, and cool down portions.  This class also fosters a strong mind-body connection.


The Civil War in Middle Tennessee

Learn about and travel to Civil War sites in middle Tennessee including possibly the battlefields of Franklin, Nashville and Murfreesboro.


French by Practice

Learning a language is not a “one and done” deal.  One must continually review and grow by practice. “French by Practice” provides a friendly group to keep those skills with the French language up to speed.


Beginning Guitar Workshop

Coy Miller will discuss the basic steps to learning to play guitar. This will include an introduction to guitar music theory, playing by numbers, rhythm patterns, and scales. “Rocky Top” and other songs will be taught. Further instruction will be offered in group sessions or private lessons. Students should bring an acoustic guitar to the workshop. Parents are encouraged to attend the session with their child.

Classical Music Appreciation

This class provides an introduction to music aesthetics and the basic elements of music.  We’ll learn about and listen to classical music from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century highlighting the major composers.  Students will be able to write and create art as expressions of the music.

Ideal for homeschool!

Pipe Organ Demonstration

In this workshop, Martha Wilks, organist, will play then explain the workings of the pipe organs at First Presbyterian and First United Methodist Churches, Springfield, TN.

Private Music Lessons

Please call Willow Oak for lesson information: 615-380-8071 or 615-384-1802.

Roger Bunch: voice, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium
Kim Jones: piano
Coy Miller: guitar
Glen Mason: fiddle, mandolin
Wade Smith: piano
Muzetta Swann: voice, piano, theory


Children:  Smart Saving ~ Not Silly Spending
This class will explain basic banking skills to children in grades 4-8.  The children will learn general banking terminology and how to track the funds they spend and save.  They will also learn how to balance a checkbook along with the importance of protecting their identity against theft and the safeguards that banks utilize to protect their money.

Take Control of Your Money Before It Takes Control of You!

We don’t plan to fail! We just fail to plan! This class is designed to help you gain control of your financial future. You’ll perform a financial check-up and see where you are now, decide where you want to be and make a financial plan to get there.


Knitting for Beginners

The basic stitches such as knit, purl, ribbing, casting on and binding off will be taught. Several easy patterns will be provided. Students may choose to work on one of several simple projects.

Knitting in the Round: Make a Mug Cozy

Bring your basic knitting skills (cast on, knit, purl, bind off) Students will learn to create seamless garments/objects by knitting in the round.  Knitting in the round is useful for creating hats, mittens/gloves, sweaters, etc.  This is a 2 part workshop.  In the first class, students will master what may seem the most difficult-connecting ends!  Once this is done, home work will be to complete work on a mug cozy.  The second part will be to assist anyone needing additional help and finish the project.
*Kit includes 1 set of Brittany double point knitting needles, a skein of yarn for the cozy and a tote for your project.


An Overview of Medical Microbiology

– Dr. Carol J. Palmer
Students in this class will be presented with an overview of microorganisms of Medical Importance, with special emphasis on disease-causing organisms of local interest, such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA infections), Borrelia burgdorferi, (Lyme disease transmitted via infected blacklegged ticks), West Nile virus (transmitted via mosquitoes) and several other selected diseases.  The class will be helpful to those interested in pursuing a medical career or folks just interested in learning more about infectious diseases.  We welcome and encourage high school age and above to register for this class.


Creative Writing for Children

This class will help students develop their writing skills while learning to organize their thoughts and express their ideas.  Various experiences will be offered such as viewing artwork, listening to music, walking in the woods, and taking short “mystery” trips.  These experiences will be written about based on objective and subjective observation.  Learning skills and study habits will also be a focus.  Ideal for homeschool!

Creative Writer’s Workshop

“Vision and Revision: Getting your story down then getting it published”

Jane Burroway says, “We write for the satisfaction of having wrestled a sentence to the page, for the rush of discovering an image, for the excitement of seeing a character come alive.”
In broad terms, writing is a two-fold process, getting something on the page, then revising, or “re-visioning,” it until it feels right or whole or complete.  Seldom does a writer have a finished piece without both elements.  Writers, in fact, are often stymied with a work because they don’t fully utilize both.  Others will pour out an initial rough draft, never re visit it, then wonder why it’s not being accepted for publication.  This workshop will focus on getting your vision on to the page, then will help make you aware of all of the choices and tools writers have as they hone and polish their work. We will study published stories and analyze choices authors have made and why they work. Bring your paper and pen or a laptop and be prepared to create and revise your own work.  You will come away with a better sense of control over your own writing.

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